Written by Lenora Rand, Edited by Rick Meredith, VO by Nannette Banks


The Wild Goose Festival - 

Since the spring of 2015 I've consulted on advertising, strategy and communications for this annual summer music/arts/spirit/justice festival for progressive Christians, worked on their blog and website, and also helped create everything from social media posts to emails to videos.  

Spiritual Suckitude - Blog hosted on ChicagoNow

Since 2014 I've been blogging about trying to be a more holy, or at least a more holy-ish person, and a more whole person, in the middle of a regular life.  A life which does not include long stints in monasteries in Scotland or walking labyrinths in the south of France. And does include working a very full time job in advertising, parenting, being a wife, caring about injustice, trying to be a friend, and desperately trying not to eat my weight in ice cream on a daily basis. I've built up a loyal following of subscribers and fans of my blog's Facebook page. 

A collection of my blog posts is currently also available as an ebook on NoiseTrade.com.






My writing has also been included in numerous other blogs and magazines. 




Manifesto Writing Workshops. 

These are workshops I developed, with poet and writing coach cin salach, to help people discover their purpose, why they get up in the morning and craft a manifesto that helps put that into words. Read all about that here. 



For the last several years I have written lyrics for the band The Many, an intentionally diverse collective crafting songs of honesty and depth that speak to faith and doubt, cry out for peace and justice and share hope for a world where all are welcomed. Our debut album was selected as one of the 6 top Christmas albums of 2015 by Under the Radar, a weekly syndicated radio program highlighting the best undiscovered tunes from Christian artists. Cross Rhythms UK called it "nothing short of stunning." 



Liturgy, Prayers & Rituals

I co-founded and co-direct The Plural Guild,  a diverse collective of artists, writers and musicians who have come together to create music, poems, prayer, visual art and liturgy that embrace questions and doubts, that speak to a hope for a more just and generous world and that is welcoming to all. With this group, I write litanies, prayers, create immersive, participatory liturgical events for workshops, retreats and conferences.  I also handle all the marketing and communications. You can see my work and learn more about at www.pluralguild.com