Because words have power. 

Because words written from the heart, the powerful, messy, authentic, center of the heart, can heal us and ground us and move us to be our truest, best selves. 

Because we need a map to show us how to get to that part of our hearts and then how to shine a light on it. 

Because a personal manifesto is that map. That light. The why of what makes you extraordinary.

Even when you don’t feel extraordinary. 

It is as unique as your thumbprint. As powerful as a personal life coach telling you every morning how to do this day.  Out loud.

It is your SELF. Proclaimed.

Because when we move as our truest selves, we are moving in love. And nothing less will change the world. 



What is a personal manifesto?

A sentence, a paragraph, a few words that help you focus, empower you, give you back your voice. Or give you a voice for the first time. 

A manifesto can help you decide how to spend your time, what’s worth your effort, who you want to be in the world.

There’s no one right way to write a manifesto. You can find as many different types as there are people on this planet. 



It's for anyone who wants to be braver. Wants to show up with authentic authority. Clarity. Purpose. Peace. Joy. 

It's for anyone who feels stuck. A little. Or a lot.  In a job you don't love. Or relationships that aren't giving you life. 

It's for anyone in transition. From single to couple. Couple to single. Kids at home to empty nest.

It's for anyone who's lost their way. If you aren't sure who you are anymore. What you believe. What you're passionate about. Or why it matters that you get up in the morning. 

It's for you if you're someone who has been longing to know your why, align with your heart and live out loud…




What Will it be like?

4 hours. 10 people.

A safe, healing environment.

With 2 gifted creative leaders.

Where you will find space to:




Participate, as you feel comfortable, in simple “no wrong answer” exercises designed to draw out your deepest truths, hopes, beliefs, wishes, intentions

Focus, regroup, remember what’s most important to you, find your voice, make a statement, take a stand

Craft a personal manifesto, a long version and a short mantra, that can help guide you in your daily choices and remind you what it is “you plan to do with your one wild & precious life”


Why do People do this?


“To seek out the bravery and focus to shift into a more purposeful career life.”  

- Amelia


“To stop and listen to the direction of my heart. To take notes. And read them out loud to myself every morning.”

- Rachel


“To discover the difference between re-inventing yourself and being yourself.”

- Lynn






A writer and certified life coach who's spent over 25 years as a creative director at one of the world’s largest ad agencies helping brands define and live their purpose,  LENORA helps individuals do that for themselves, through mentoring , private coaching and workshops.

She’s also trying to be more spiritual but not in that annoyingly- good-at-it “Eat. Pray. Love” way. Hers is more of an “Eat. Moan. Apologize” kind of thing, which you can read all about on her popular blog, Spiritual Suckitude. You will find her writing featured in a number of publications focusing on personal and spiritual growth and on mommy blogs. 

She’s raised two daughters who are now in their 20s and still allow her to be friends with them on Facebook as long as she never comments. And in her spare time writes songs with a indie folk band.

Follow her on Facebook at Spiritual Suckitude Society. And on Twitter @LenoraR. 




cin, 2016 headshot SMALLER.jpg

Ragdale Fellow, Illinois Arts Council recipient and Emmy nominee, cin is a poet, teacher and workshop leader whose belief that poetry can change lives birthed her business poemgrown where she helps people speak their heart out loud, marking the most important occasions in their lives with poetry. 

A member of the first National Poetry Slam team, cin has been widely published in journals and anthologies, including Poetry Speaks: Spoken Word Revolution

Her poem “Dear Donald Trump”, a series of letters inspiredby a request from her 9 year old son, was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune.  

She is especially proud to have been named the inaugural Poet Laureate of Covenant Farm in Sawyer, Michigan, where her two books of poetry, Looking for a Soft Place to Land, and When I am Yes, are housed in the Porch Swing Poetry Box.

You can find her work at, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.